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Treatment of Breast Cancer in Detail

Breast cancer is found to be the most common cancer in women. Before extensive hard work was done in the medical world to combat the deadly disease called cancer, most women gave up hope when diagnosed for any kind of cancer, Cancer needs not be deadly not only breast cancer. Fortunately stages of pancreatic cancer , there are a lot of methods that can be used for the treatment of cancer nowadays. The type cancer symptoms of treatment to be used depends on some factors such as the tumor stage of the cancer, Symptoms of Different Stages of Ovarian Cancer the type of the tumor, the general health of the affected patient, and the characteristics of the tumor Treatment of Breast Cancer in Detail . All this analyzed will help in evaluating the kind of treatment to be used.

Removal of the tumor by means of Surgery by a cancer Specialist, called an oncologist, is the first step in the treatment of cancer ovarian cancer stages . Support adjuvant program like Radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy will follow afterwords Treatment of Breast Cancer in Detail . The therapy is carried out to prevent re occurrence of the cancer.

Lumpectomy is a type of surgery where the total removal of the breast is avoided. It only involves the removal of the cancer. This is used mostly in the case of early stage Treatment of Breast Cancer in Detail test for ovarian cancer . It is believed to be as effective as mastectomy.

Mastectomy is the removal of the part of the breast depending on where the tumor is located. There are many types of mastectomy, depending on the size of the cancer or lymph node that needs to be removed. The two most important types are partial mastectomy and total mastectomy.

Radiation therapy is only needed when a partial mastectomy is done or a lumpectomy. Radiotherapy uses high energy rays ovarian cancer staging , that is, gamma -ray or x-ray to destroy any cancer cell that may remain in the breast from reoccurring from the original site. Therapy takes few minutes, five times a week for a period of 6weeks.

Just like radiation therapy, the alternative therapy method is Chemotherapy. It uses anticancer drugs to destroy cancer cell. It is used mainly when the cancer cell have spread to other part of the body. Its in a form of shots or dose.

Hormone therapy is the use of Tamoxifen, an estrogen-like compound that binds to the breasts' estrogen receptors (ER) and makes them unavailable to estrogen (cancer-promoting activity hormone found in the breast) to stop the growth of cancer cell from reoccurring after operation. Further treatment researches are being carried out daily to improve on the flaws and shortcomings of the present ones listed here.

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