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How to Clean Stains From Washing Machine Drums


Run the washing machine by means of an entire cycle on empty. Set the water temperature to hot as well as the level to fullHow to Clean Stains From Washing Machine Drums. Add two cups of vinegar to the mix. This will loosen up mineral deposits and probably remove a fair amount of staining on its own.


Wipe down the interior in the washing machine using the soft rag and bleach. Many of the stains will come away with little scrubbing. Make sure that you wash the top rated with the drum, which is under the rim from the washing machine opening and out of sight. You can access it simply by reaching under the rim. Wear your rubber gloves whenever you are dealing with bleach to protect your hands and skin.


Run the washing machine via one more hot, full cycle. This time, add 2 cups of lemon juice. This may further loosen up stains and grime. At this point, you will probably start Best Washing Machine to notice a serious improvement within the appearance of your washing machine drum.


Clean out the holes in the sides from the drum with Q-tips dipped in bleach. You must always use soft materials when cleaning washing machine drums because abrasive materials will destroy Clear Away Washing Machine Smells the interior and leave it susceptible to rust and erosion from the water. Dip a Q-tip in bleach and insert the bleach-saturated cotton into each hole individually. Rotate the Q-tip to get any grime that still is hanging on around the interior rim of the hole.


Wipe the entire interior from the washing machine down with all the soft bleach rag. This need to eliminate any final stains from the drum. If there are any stubborn stains left, treat them together with the bleach using the rag, then let them sit for about ten minutes before scrubbing them down again.


Run the washing machine via one way more empty cycleHow to Clean Stains From Washing Machine Drums. As before, this will need to be set to hot and full. This can clean out the rest in the cleaning materials, and you should certainly have a bright and beautiful washing machine drum interior that will yield you great laundry when you are done.

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