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Living Beyond Breast Cancer - Dream Or Reality?

When I as a two-time breast cancer survivor was undergoing breast cancer remedy last stages of cancer , I wondered if I would ever recover. Was I dreaming that I'd live to see my youngest son, who was only three at the time, graduate from high school?  Was there a opportunity of living beyond breast cancer? I was determined to find out.

In my journey to locate answers I was caught up inside the infectious enthusiasm of other individuals who have faced the jungle with grace and sophistication. Athletes who are cancer survivors and motivational speakers inspire me to persevere. Dave Dravecky's story, chronicled in his book Come Back , tells how he coped in the midst of overwhelming uncertainty. In 1988 he was in the top of his game as a significant league baseball player. But his 5-1 opening day victory more than the Dodgers was overshadowed later that year by the discovery of cancer and the removal of muscle from his pitching arm. Defying all odds, Dave came back to pitch once extra in the Important Leagues in 1989. Driving into Candlestick Park to play for the San Francisco Giants, he was playing a praise tape, plus the song "Give Thanks using a Grateful Heart" caught his attention. Dave Visit Site had been told by his physicians that he would never pitch again Living Beyond Breast Cancer - Dream Or Reality? , short of a miracle. Yet that night he pitched a 4-3 win for the Giants. 

Five days later, however, in Montreal, Dave threw "the pitch that could be heard round the world." Dave's arm suffered severe trauma, Symptoms of ovarian cancer recurrence and he fell for the ground, wracked in pain, devastated. The cancer had returned yet again Living Beyond Breast Cancer - Dream Or Reality? , and because his arm was not enhancing, he was forced to retire from baseball in November, 1989. Slowly the therapy along with the cancer ate away Dave's arm, leading to amputation. Inside a book written with his wife Jan, entitled When You Can't Comeback stages of ovarian cancer , Dave describes his loss. 

In another book authored by Dave, The Worth of a Man , he examines the impact with the amputation on his life. Immediately after a lengthy search, Dave found his true worth could never be shaken by adversity or loss. Jan and he founded Dave Dravecky's Outreach of Hope, a nonprofit organization based in Colorado Springs. God gave Dave a platform from which to share hope with those about the planet who are suffering. 

Another inspiring personality is Chuck Colson, who went to prison for his function inside the Watergate break-in. Chuck emerged from jail to start out Prison Fellowship, a wonderful Christian ministry for inmates. He didn't cop out by saying, "I can't do anything now that I am a convict." Instead ovarian cancer symptoms , he surprised his colleagues-and the world- by humbling himself to work with individuals whom some would consider to become the lepers of our day-hardened criminals seemingly beyond mercy or hope.   His story of redemption is told in his riveting book, Born Again .

Each of these heroes overcame tremendous odds, inspiring me to open a new chapter in my story of living beyond breast cancer.

Cancer can teach us how to lose impatience and slow down. Why the hurry, anyway? I used to get carsick as a child, and my parents would pull over and stop to allow me to empty the contents of my stomach. Cancer did the identical thing as carsickness. It forced me to put the brakes on my pace so I could relieve myself with the harried life and fathom the big picture. We are always in a hurry to get somewhere, anxious about getting diverted from our goal. But carsickness, cancer, a car accident stages of colon cancer , a terrorist act, or any other malady or suffering that life brings to us allows us an opportunity to stop and smell the gardenias.

In Could 2009 Living Beyond Breast Cancer - Dream Or Reality? , misty-eyed and proud as a peacock, I witnessed my youngest son graduate from high school at seventeen. Pinching myself to ensure this wasn't a dream, I realized that two other moms of students in his 22-member senior class had been breast cancer survivors. We are testaments to the reality that living beyond breast cancer is not only possible, but attainable for quite a few on God's beautiful planet Earth.

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