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How to Make Your Child Stay in Their Toddler Bed


Have the room and bed prepared to accommodate your child. It's helpful not to move your child into a whole new room entirely. The transition should typically occur between ages 1 and 3, and the bed should never be too big or tall.


Sit in a chair beside you child when it's bedtime. You can read a story or talk to your child to make him or her feel safe and comfortable. It's important not to lie in the bed with children and wait for them to fall asleep on the first night, because they could grow accustomed to the special treatment.


Make you child stay in the new bed for the entire first night. Depending on your child's reaction, you could be spending a fairly sleepless night. However, never give in on the first night and let your child sleep in bed with you, as that could hinder the process.


Keep the same routine and bedtime, especially for the first week. Tucking your child in with a stuffed animal Furnishing a nursery bedding can also be helpful and serve as a signal that it's time to sleep in the bedHow to Make Your Child Stay in Their Toddler Bed. Take care not to tuck the child in too tight, and make sure the bedding is comfortable.


Keep a nightlight on in the room until your child is doing well in the toddler bed and becomes comfortable in the dark. You should also keep a nightlight on in a nearby bathroom.


Make your child go back to bed right away if he or she comes to you at nightHow to Make Your Child Stay in Their Toddler Bed. Unless the child is using the restroom or having a problem, it's best to make the toddler know he or she has to stay in bed.

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