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Lexington Crib Instructions


Check the crib closely after assembly and on a regular basis for any damaged or loose hardware, sharp points or edges, or broken or missing parts. Contact the Dorel Group for assistance and to request any broken or missing parts. Do not location child in crib until all parts Choose Comfortable baby bedding are working correctly.


Keep soft bedding, such as blanketsLexington Crib Instructions, pillows or stuffed animals, out of the bed, as these may present a suffocation hazard.


Place the crib in a safe area away from any windows, cordsLexington Crib Instructions, blinds Find Baby Girl Bedding or drapes that the child could reach. Preserve all power cords away from the crib.


Never suspend a string, cord, or rope on or near the crib, as this could present a strangulation hazard.


Place a crib mattress that is at least 27 and ¼ inches by 51 and 5/8 inches in size using a thickness of four to six inches inside the crib. Crib mattresses that are too huge or too little present a safety, entrapment and/or strangulation hazard.


Move the crib mattress down to the lowest level as soon as the child is able to stand up inside the crib. Remove any objects, such as bumpers, that could be used to step on and get out of the crib.


Convert the crib into the toddler bed as soon as the child reaches 35 inches in height.


Never convert the crib for the toddler bed for children beneath the age of 15 months. The toddler bed is meant for children over the age of 15 months and under the size of 50 pounds.

Lexington Crib Instructions
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